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Joystick Station

Joystick station

The Romeo-PK joystick station is a control device for all industrial machinery. It operates as an auxiliary controller of electrical motors through a power interface, such as a contactor or PLC. Designed for heavy duty use by qualified operators, Romeo-PK is aimed specifically for the industrial market.

Materials and components are wear resistant and protect the equipment against water and dust. The Romeo-PK joystick station can be customised with labels and colours to meet the customer's requirements.

The emergency stop mushroom pushbutton complies with the EN 418 standard and it is equipped with positive opening NC switches.

Romeo joysticks are available with up to 6 speeds, with or without potentiometer or encoder; they can also be supplied with integrated analogical actuator, and with current, voltage, PWM or CANopen outputs. Three different versions of Romeo are available: with free movement, with "dead man" safety device (with mechanical interlock and NO/NC contact), or with electrical interlock with NO contact.