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Rotary Limit Switch

Rotary Limit Switch

Oscar is a device used to control the movement of industrial machinery when in need of measuring the movement on the basis of the rotation angle and/or of the number of shaft revolutions. Oscar is made up by a gearmotor which transfers the movement to the cams and to the other movement detection devices placed inside it through a primary input reduction step (worm gear and helical toothed gear) and one or more secondary output steps (epycycloidal reduction gears).

Revolution ratios result from the combination of different secondary output steps and the two internal drives can be set with different revolution ratios.

Oscar features transmission and gear driving shafts made of stainless steel, worm gear transmission shaft rotating on ball bearings, self-lubricating techno-polymer gears and driving bushes, techno-polymer base and cover. All techno-polymers used for the enclosure are wear resistant and protect the equipment against water and dust. Oscar is available either for horizontal mounting (worm gear shaft parallel to the fixing base) or for vertical mounting (worm gear shaft perpendicular to the fixing base). Oscar can be fitted with different combinations of actuators and motion detectors: sets of cams and microswitches (max. 8), potentiometers or encoders (max. 4), potentiomteters or encoders for set of cams and microswitches (max. 2). Furthermore, there is a special seat for the integrated assembly of a boxed electronic card (Oscar HF) used for the worm gear shaft movement detection and for managing all other actuators and motion detectors. It is possible to fit together sets of cams and microswitches, potentiometers, encoder and electronic integrated card, thus creating a device featuring redundancy and diversity. The limit switch can be customized with labels and colors.